"Laboratory results have been always on time, and in cases of urgent analysis Precision are always willing to accommodate us, where possible. If we are in need of technical testing advice the Laboratory provides a good service and if unable to test under their own testing schedule will always suggest alternatives. E-mail queries are always actioned in a timely manner."


Amanda Keys, Quality Manager, Devenish Nutrition Ltd

“Precision Analysis carry out the scheduling, assembling and compositing of samples from feed mills in the Food Fortress Scheme.  They understand the importance of reporting results quickly and respond to any queries raised in an efficient and timely manner.”


Robin Irvine, Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Grain Trade Association (NIGTA)

"Precision Analysis is a excellent company that provides a hugely important analytical service to the NI agri-food sector. They conduct a wide range of different testing methodologies and all to the high standards required by national accreditation bodies. The experience of working in this environment for Queen's University students has already proven extremely beneficial and the opportunity currently on offer is one that should be grasped by any student wanting to work in a laboratory environment after graduation."


Professor Chris Elliott, Director, Institute for Global Food Security,, Queens University, Belfast

“The reason I applied for Precision Analysis was to work in a field which is very different from the medical fields that I am used to as well as to be a part of something that actively makes a difference within the agricultural community, which is a very important aspect of our country.

During my time that I have worked at Precision Analysis I have learned a great deal about this very unique line of working with animal feeds. I have learnt how important it really is to obtain high quality, accurate and reliable results as to the chemical composition of our outgoing feeds to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and how important it is to deliver the best quality feeds (both chemically and physically) to our customers and their livestock which ultimately affects us down the line.

I have learned about the many methods of chemical testing that is required by customers to ensure that the feeds they are receiving from the mill are top quality. I have had the opportunity to be trained in a few of these methods myself as well as calibrating a spectrometry device known as NIR Infraquant or Near Infrared Spectrometry with the latter allowing me to gain knowledge on how to deal with mass data manipulation and spectral graphs as well as ultimately manipulating data in the correct way.

My work with these methods over time has taught me the importance of the feed industry and how important it is to get reliable results as quickly and consistently as possible. At Precision Analysis, I have also extended my personal skills base through improved computer knowledge, working as part of a team, independence and responsibility as well as project management. I firmly believe that these aforementioned skills will indeed help me in my future scientific career”


Michael Parsons, Current QUB Graduate Placement,

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